Our Story

Our Story

Our French dream began over 20 years ago, with the vision that one day we would have a home and business in France.

With our family requirements, including two sons, and Amelia’s Swiss mother, we knew that our search had to be for a large house able to accommodate us all, and had to be stylish for our luxury bed and breakfast service.

In 2019, our dream was realised when we discovered Le Château in the beautiful Pyrénées.

We fell in love with Le Château, on our first viewing. Built in 1860 with Toulouse architecture, it was extremely eye catching due to the tower castellations rather than the classic château conical roofs . The story has it that the original owner removed them over concern of being struck by lightning, as they were very tall. The château interior oozed warmth with beautiful parquet flooring and marble fire surrounds throughout. The proportions and floor layouts were just perfect, however, it hadn’t seen a paintbrush since the 1970’s and required a complete renovation.

We have worked tirelessly with all our passion to make this house into a home and business. We are extremely proud of our achievements and very much look forward to share this with you as our guests. We hope you will wish to return time and time again to this beautiful region of France and Le Château Aspet.